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About Me…



Let me tell you my story…

My name is David and I’m originally from Germany. How and when did all my aviation interest start?
Towards the end of my school-career I spent quite some time flying all sorts of airplanes with the Microsoft Flight Simulator.  This was also where everything had begun, in front of an old Desktop, and a simple Joystick. I played for hours, trying not to crash the  planes. And of course, I had to go with the big Jets first. Haha!

Anyway, after practicing with the Simulator for a long time and after I had finished school, I decided to go to Florida, U.S.A.  for some real Flight Training. Being there for quite a while, I spent some valuable time becoming an FAA Commerical Pilot and CFI
(Certified Flight & Ground Instructor), while I had a great time and experiences in a great country with nice people and very good Flight Instructors.

Otherwise,  I really like teaching in general, specially aviation and related topics. Since I also like English as a language a lot, one of my favorite subjects is ATC-Communications/Phraseology. I do hold an ‘AZF’ (Allgemeines Sprechfunkzeugnis), which is the German certificate allowing you to execute Radio Communications in both, the English & German language for VFR and IFR flights. I also hold an ICAO Level 6 English certificate (LPE).
I always try to come up with a good idea to present and/or teach things and try to adjust to a student’s level
the best I can, as every student learns differently and English is not a native language for everyone.

Since I have also taught English (as a foreign language) to students as well as adults in the recent past, I’ve had the chance get gain a lot of valuable experiences in teaching Non-Native English speakers/students. Apart from other things,  I can tell that it is very important to keep students active during training, no matter what he has to learn and/or understand. In my opinion, being as active as possible as a student really plays a vital role and can lead to big differences for the individual over time.
Fortunately, Flight Training is a relatively active learning process from the beginning all the way to the end, specially since it involves a lot of practical training, requiring the adaption of different skills, including motor abilities etc.
I personally like to teach, especially when practical training is involved.

…and My Experience

Some of my experience as a Flight Instructor goes back to Simulators, from home built Sims to real Flight Sims, such as  the ‘RedBird’ Simulators, in which I had the opportunity to teach young people with a big interest in aviation or in becoming a Professional Pilot. Instructions included different topics from Private Pilot to Instrument skills. For me, it has been a great way to share my own experiences and knowledge and give them a better idea of flying and what to expect during their training.
I’m still looking forward to more experiences. Flying and teaching remain my passion!

You Never Stop Learning! Not Even as an Instructor.
!Teaching From My Perspective!



In a RedBird Flight Simulator


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In the Boeing 737-800

2015-05-02 153010

Thanks to the iTAKEOFF Team for the great Simulators and the opportunity!

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